How Your Family History Affects Life Insurance Premiums

You may be planning for life insurance policy for you and you might be unaware of the fact that insurance company will ask for your family history. You might be amazed after knowing this but the fact is that your family history is considered while you purchase life insurance policy for you. Medical history of your parents and siblings affect the premium while you purchase life insurance policy. Some companies consider a few diseases as high-risk hereditary diseases while others do not consider it as same and provide you lowest premium rates for purchasing life insurance. Click on the link to participate in a quiz to understand more about it.

Sometimes, it can be haunting for you that as an individual you are very healthy and fit but you are considered as high on risk due to your family history. Your parents or siblings may have diseases which have hereditary effects. You have to face the problem while buying a new insurance policy for you if either of your parents or siblings have critical health conditions.

The approval of insurance policy totally depends upon underwriters. Underwriters will ask you a few questions about you, your family and their medical history. They will consider all the points of having a critical illness and at what age and stage they face it. After considering all these points they will approve or reject your insurance application and decide the premiums for your life cover insurance policy.

There are few exceptions when underwriters or insurance company will not consider your family history as a factor to reject your application. If you are an adopted child then underwriters will not ask you about your family history assuming that you may not aware of your biological family.

The other factor is if either of your parents has heart disease due to rheumatic fever. Then underwriter or insurance company will not consider you at high risk. Rheumatic fever cause heart damage up to 50%. Therefore company will not consider it as hereditary heart disease. At last, I want to conclude that the consideration of family history while approving insurance policy totally depends upon company’s terms and conditions. Head over to to learn more regarding life insurance and your needs.